We love spending time with our large, fun, extended family. They are excited to welcome a child through adoption. With four grandmothers and four grandfathers along with plenty of aunts, uncles and cousins, even a day at the beach becomes a celebration filled with joy and laughter.


We enjoy staying active and energetic, love nature, animals, seeking adventure and simply being.  Community service and volunteering is very important to us and in fact, that is how this love story started. Our faith and spirituality is the core of who we are.  Alissa is Catholic and David is Jewish and both are practiced and celebrated in our home.


Living on Staten Island allows us to offer excellent schools, access to culture, art and history as well as to open spaces for running, playing and thriving.


Alissa is a NYS Teacher certified in Elementary Education / Pre-school to Grade 6 and has earned her Master’s Degree.  Teaching and mentoring is her passion. David is a licensed Master Plumber and owns his own lucrative business. 


Our schedules will allow us to be flexible in caring, raising, educating and loving a child.